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Objects and type colored white with the overprint attribute turned on are changed to no fill.


When using Export to normalize PDF from Adobe® Illustrator®, objects and type that are colored white and set to overprint are being converted to a fill with no color. This is making white type that is accidentally set by the designer to disappear off of production files.

The usual fix for this type of issue would be to run the file through a ticket on Automation Engine and set the white overprinting objects to KO but since the object is no longer white, the file is actually ending up wrong.

How can objects and type colored white and set to overprint be detected before exporting to a normalized PDF?


There are two options to detect objects or type in a file that are white and set to overprint:

  1. View the file in Adobe® Illustrator® in the Overprint Preview mode and look for anything missing.
  2. Use the Select Overprinting White Objects tool that is part of boostX: Select > Esko > bX Select Overprinting White Objects.
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