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This article describes how to disable certain line types of the CAD design while loading/Placing in Plato.


When importing a CAD file in Plato (and PackEdge), a style file is used. This style file defines for various ArtiosCAD line types, which color and appearance the lines will get after import (appearance includes the separation used to stroke the lines, the stroke width and an optional dashing pattern). Line types which were not assigned a color are not imported.

For instance, the dimension lines can be disabled by modifying the style file before placing it on to the layout.

  1. Click Setup... in the Import CAD Data window.
  2. Click CAD Styles....
  3.  Click Modify....
  4. Uncheck Dimensions in the resulting window and click OK.

Once you unchecked dimensions, while opening the file, the station file won’t show the dimensions in layout.

You can import line types into your own selection of inks. When modifying a color style entry, by default, a list of color patches (Artios Cut, Artios Crease, etc.) matching the color swatches used in Adobe® Illustrator® is shown. You can add your own patches in two ways: either use the embedded color picker or make sure the ink table contains a set of inks which are stored in the designer ink book and marked as technical.
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