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ArtiosCAD 14.1.2, 14.1.3 and 16.0 are certified for Windows 10 with the following installation restriction:

The SQL Server 2012 database cannot be installed from the ArtiosCAD media.

SQL Server 2012 requires .NET 3.5. On earlier operating systems, Windows was able to contact the Microsoft update server and download this module automatically. Due to a limitation with the Windows installation mechanism, SQL server 2012 can no longer due this Windows 10 and consequently, SQL Server 2012 can not be installed from the media to create a database server. One would normally use Windows 2016 to create a server machine, but it is expected that the same limitation exists on that platform.

If a database server already exists, then it can be used and ArtiosCAD can be installed as a client. If a new database server must be installed on Windows 10 for a single user or small workgroup, there are some workarounds described below.


During the MSSQL 2012 Express installation process for ArtiosCAD Standard Edition, an Alert dialog appears stating that the database was not successfully installed and that further setup will abort.


Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express was not successfully installed!
Please consult the installation log located at
C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log
Setup will abort

Looking at the log files for MSSQL 2012, you can also see that the following error is present towards the end of the file:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log\summary.txt

Detailed results:
  Feature:                       Management Tools - Complete
  Status:                        Failed: see logs for details
 Reason for failure:            An error occurred for a dependency of 
the feature causing the setup process for the feature to fail.
  Next Step:                     Use the following information to resolve the error, and then try the setup process again.
  Component name:                Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  Component error code:          0x85940001
 Error description:             Error while enabling Windows feature : 
NetFx3, Error Code : -2146498529 , Please try enabling Windows feature :
 NetFx3 from Windows management tools and then run setup again. For more
 information on how to enable Windows features , see
  Error help link:     


This is due to the fact that the installer is trying to contact a Windows update server (local for the domain instead of the official Windows Update service) and the required update (.NET v 3.5) is not present on it.


  1. Insert the Windows 10 installation DVD into the machine you're installing ArtiosCAD on (it will pull the necessary information from the drive automatically during the installation). Restart the installation of ArtiosCAD.
  2. Enable the feature manually.
    1. In the Windows 10 search box inside the Taskbar type optionalfeatures.
    2. Under the Best match header, it should find a possibility that shows Run command under it.
    3. Click on it and the Windows Features dialog will appear.
    4. Check the box next to .NET Framework 3.5. It will become a square at this point.
    5. Click OK.
    6. You may be prompted with a question asking where to get update files from, select Download files from Windows Update. Eventually, you should be greeted with a message in the same dialog stating "Windows completed the requested changes."
    7. After this point you can restart the ArtiosCAD installation.
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ArtiosCAD 14.1.2 Standard Edition

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