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My artwork looks low-res or unsharp in Studio. It also seems to be different for Designer Quality rendering versus Visualizer Quality rendering.
What is the resolution of my artwork in Studio and can this be adapted?


The artwork, as it appears in the Studio window indeed has a limited resolution. This can make the artwork look blurry, especially in these cases:

  • When you are zooming in on a detail of the 3D model.
  • When your Studio window is large (e.g. you are in full-screen).
  • When the structural design (die-cut) in 2D is very wide or very tall.


The artwork in the 3D window is rasterized at a fixed resolution. This is more obvious when zoomed in:

The artwork resolution in the Studio window is limited on purpose to reduce the waiting time when refreshing the artwork and to make sure that you can smoothly rotate the 3D model. But note that in Visualizer quality this artwork resolution is twice as high as in Designer quality. There is no possibility to change this resolution in the Studio window but when exporting to TIFF images or other file formats, you can control the artwork resolution.

Exporting TIFF pack shots and image sequences

When exporting an image or an image sequence, you can set the artwork quality in the Export window. The lowest setting is equivalent with what you see in the Studio window. In the highest setting the appearance of the artwork will only be limited by the resolution of the TIFF image that you are exporting.


When exporting to TIFF at highest artwork quality, there are no pixelation effects (other than the pixels of the TIFF image itself):

Exporting to Collada and 3D PDF

Designer Quality: You can choose the artwork resolution yourself (you need to uncheck the "Keep Printable Parts" option).

A higher artwork resolution will make the Collada or PDF file larger, and require more powerful hardware to properly view the file.

Visualizer Quality: You can currently not control the artwork resolution. It is the same as seen in the Studio window.

Exporting to KeyShot

When exporting to KeyShot, you can choose the artwork resolution yourself based on the type of Packshot that you want to make with KeyShot.


Studio 16.0.2 or higher is required for high resolution TIFF export in Visualizer Quality rendering.

Studio 16.1.2 or higher is required for high resolution KeyShot files in Visualizer Quality rendering.

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