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What is a "good" question?

We all want the Esko User Forum to be a useful source of information and a friendly community to exchange tips and experience. Making sure that your questions are on-topic and clearly formulated will go a long way towards achieving that goal. And as a bonus, it avoids getting your question edited or removed by a moderator!

That said, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting an answer to your question:

  • Stay on topic for the forum;
  • Avoid subjective questions;
  • Follow proper forum etiquette.

Stay on topic

Some guidelines for staying on topic on the forum:

  • Try to ask answerable, concrete questions based on real problems that you are facing. The more specific and detailed your question, the higher your chances of getting a reply.
  • Avoid vague, open-ended questions, as they are less likely to produce a useful reply. If you think the answer to your question might take two pages of text, this is probably not the place to ask it.
  • Make sure your questions are posted in the correct category: if you ask a question about an Automation Engine workflow that you are working on, but ask it in the Structural design category, chances are the persons in the know will not see it.
  • Do not post private or proprietary information. The Esko forum is open to all signed in members of the Esko Support Community. Any images or other information you make available on the Esko User Forum becomes public to our community.
  • Avoid discussions of competing products. This is the Esko User Forum, after all.

Avoid subjective questions

Are all subjective questions bad? Of course not. However, if you've used any forums in the past you may have noticed that these kinds of questions do not lead to useful discussion:

  • Do not ask questions where each answer is equally valid, depending on personal preference, for example "Do you prefer ___ or ___?"
  • Do not ask a question if you are already providing the answer and try to get more solutions, for example "I encountered ___, and I solved it with ___, how do you do this?"
  • It is of course perfectly OK to post a question and answer it yourself, so others can benefit from your solution!

Follow proper forum etiquette

  • Be polite and courteous. The Esko Support Community is used by thousands of Esko customers - in fact, chances are that you will see one or more of your own customers take part in these discussions!
  • Please use English only for your questions and replies. This ensures that as many community members and Esko employees as possible will be able to take part in the discussion.
  • Do not vent your anger or frustration in the form of a question, for example "___ is terrible, don't you agree?".
    If you have complaint about Esko products or services, please file a support case so it can be handled properly.


This page draws heavily from the excellent guidelines on ( and Metafilter (

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