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Occasionally, when logging into ArtiosCAD Enterprise an error is displayed indicating that the maximum number of open sessions for the user has been reached. The error looks similar to the one shown below:


When a client (e.g. ArtiosCAD Enterprise) establishes a connection with a web server (e.g. WebCenter) via a login process, it uniquely manages this connection via a web session. WebCenter limits the number of active sessions for any individual login user and when this limit is reached, no more logins are permitted.  

It should be noted that typically these sessions are properly closed when exiting ArtiosCAD Enterprise or when logging out (Logout) when connected to WebCenter via a Web Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). It is only when ArtiosCAD Enterprise unexpectedly terminates or when a user closes a Web Browser without logging out, the sessions are left dangling. These do, however, get automatically recycled by WebCenter after a period of time of inactivity.


There are a number of ways this problem can be solved.

The user can try to find active sessions and properly logout. Maybe there are a number of Web Browsers running with this user still logged in. If these are unneeded then the user should log out and close the Web Browser. If no active sessions can be found, then another option is to simply wait for the sessions to automatically time out.

Another solution is to force WebCenter to expire these sessions. Under this situation, when using a Web Browser and attempting to log into WebCenter you will get the following error: 

Notice the "Expire My Sessions" checkbox. Click this checkbox and re-attempt to login. This will automatically expire all active sessions tied to this login user.

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