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After upgrade to Automation Engine 14.1.0 and installing the corresponding PitStop Profile Editor on a non-English workstation, the user interface shows most items in English.


For e.g.: On a workstation with French selected as the system language, the user interface of the PitStop Profile Editor 14.1.0 is mostly in English. In the previous version, it used to be in French. This happens both on Mac and Windows workstations.


The translation files for non-English languages are missing in the PitStop Profile Editor 14.1.0 installation folder. Use the below link to download the missing files. Download and uncompress this zip file:

On a Mac workstation:

  1. First close the PitStop Profile Editor application.
  2. Select the application in its installation folder, right click to open the contextual menu and click Show Package Contents.

  3. Browse to Contents > Resources and copy the lng folder into it. The result should look as in the below screenshot.
  4. Start the PitStop Profile Editor application again. The user interface will be in the workstation's language again, if it is in one of the supported languages.

On a Windows workstation:

  1. Stop the PitStop Profile Editor application.
  2. Copy the lng folder into this location on your workstation:
  3. Start the PitStop Profile Editor application again.


Upgrade to Automation Engine 16.0 or newer, where this issue is properly solved.

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Automation Engine 14.1.0

PitStop Profile Editor 14.1.0

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