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ArtPro keeps removed data in file, although the removed images are not in the list with links anymore.


When trying to open an ArtPro file, ArtPro asks to assign the path of the images before opening the file.

The images have been deleted before and don't appear in the list with links anymore (Window > Links).

The user can assign the path and save the file, but when reopening, the same problem occurs.

The user wants these images to be completely removed from the file.


The images were used in a previous trapping session, and the links are kept in memory. ArtPro asks for the images to have the traps up to date.

When opening the file, cancel the following window:

  1. Go to Prepress > Trapping > Power Trapper > Color Pairs.
  2. Click Clear Sessions (clears all sessions).
  3. Remove concerned sessions.
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Applies to

ArtPro 14.1

Last revised 
Case Number00586505