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This article describes how different parts in a canvas file could have their own graphics.


An ArtioCAD canvas file allows a user to create multiple parts for a display or any multipiece packaging. The underlying ACD file is still a single file that subdivides the geometry into parts. Layers and print items are shared among all the parts in the canvas. So in this case, print items Square and Circle exist in the canvas and are shared by path parts. When the square part ARD is opened both print items exist in the ARD.

Following the steps will allow a user to place different graphics on different parts, allowing the user to see them at different times from the canvas.


  1. Set the part that will receive the first graphic to be the active part.
  2. Set the print item that will be associated with the part.
  3. Run the Add graphics tool to add a graphic.
  4. Run the Register Bitmap tool. The graphic added to the active part will be registered to the geometry in the active part.
  5. A graphics layer called Outside Graphics will be created. Rename it. Otherwise, the next graphic will be added to the same layer.
  6. Set the other part to be active and set the print item to be associated with the part. The print item should not contain an Outside Graphics layer.  Add and register a graphic. The graphic is registered to the other part.
  7. A graphics layer called Outside Graphics will be once again created.  Rename it.
  8. At this point there are two print items within the canvas and three layers, Main Design and two graphics layers. One graphics layer is associated with a print item. The user can now switch print items in the canvas and the part associated with that print item will display its graphic.
  9. When the parts are exported as ARDs, each ARD will contain both print item and all layer names, but only the layer that is associated with this part will contain a graphic. The other layer will be empty.
  10. To show the graphics in 3D, ensure all the graphic layers are enabled, regardless of print item, via the layers dialog, and then convert to 3D.
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