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In the Automation Engine "Create Tiles" task and in i-cut Layout, you can use tiling templates. But, where do we add these tiling templates?


You can create the Tiling Template in the i-cut Layout application.

If your i-cut Layout is configured to connect with an Automation Engine Server, when you save the template, it will be saved in \\AE-server\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\tiling folder (AE-server should be replaced with the name of your Automation Engine Server). You will see the template in the "Create Tiles" ticket.

If the i-cut Layout is not connected to an Automation Engine Server or a File Server, it will be saved in the resources locally: C (or other Drive):\Esko\bg_data_custom_v010\dat\tiling folder.

Tiling template is saved as an XML file.

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i-cut Layout 14

i-cut Layout 16

Automation Engine

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