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Is there a way to make sure that the exports (3D PDF, TIFF, Collada) from Studio are color-consistent between different computers?


Consistency between different Computers

Yes, there is a way to make the color output from Studio consistent on different machines:

In Designer Quality:

  • Studio 16.1.2 and later: Make sure that each computer has the same Working RGB profile in your Adobe Creative Cloud color settings
  • Studio 16.1.1 and lower: Make sure that each computer has the same monitor profile configured in its system preferences.

In Visualizer Quality:

 No action needed. The export should already be consistent. On Studio 16.1 and earlier, small differences can occur between Mac and PC, but this is no longer the case on Studio 16.1.1 and later.

Consistency between versions of Studio

We recently did improvements to the color management of Studio. That means that exported images and collada files can be slightly different compared to earlier versions. In case you require color consistency with an older version of Studio, then you can use the following workarounds:

Designer Quality (modified in Studio 16.1.2): Set the Creative Cloud Working RGB Profile to the color profile that you previously used as monitor profile.

Visualizer Quality (modified in Studio 16.1.1): You can minimize color differences with previous versions by assigning the ISOCoated profile to your illustrator document. Note that minor color differences are still to be expected.


To display 3D images on screen and export files (TIFF, Collada, ...) the Studio software converts the document's CMYK and spot colors to RGB. This conversion is done by a Color Management Module (CMM). This CMM requires an CMYK color profile and an RGB color profile.

This overview shows which profiles and CMM are used. We recently made some modifications (marked in red). These are improvements to ensure more consistency across computers and make better use of the color information that is present in the document.

 CMYK ColorsRGB ColorsCMM
Designer Quality   
Studio 16.1.1 and lowerDocument ProfileMonitor ProfileAdobe
Studio 16.1.2 and higherDocument ProfileWorking RGB ProfileAdobe
Visualizer Quality
Studio 16.1 and lowerISOCoatedsRGBMacOS / Windows
Studio 16.1.1 and afterDocument ProfilesRGBEsko Color Engine
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