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For a couple of years now, all Esko software works with activation-based licensing. The last dongle-based version of our software is 7 years old. Because the system to maintain dongles is getting old, we cannot guarantee anymore that it will continue to work. Therefore, we will stop the support of software with FlexNet and HASP dongles as of April 1st 2016.

Products affected

The following products existed on FlexNet or HASP dongle, they also support activation-based licenses:

  • BackStage
  • Flexrip
  • PackEdge
  • Plato
  • ColorTone
  • SignUp
  • FastImpose
  • Kaleidoscope
  • DeskPack trapX
  • DeskPack viewX
  • DeskPack stepX
  • Dynamic Content
  • DeskPack barX
  • DeskPack boostX
  • DeskPack checkX 
  • DeskPack 3dX
  • DeskPack screenX
  • DeskPack imageX
  • DeskPack seamlessX
  • Studio Toolkit for Boxes
  • Photoshop Inktools
  • Photoshop Flexotools   
  • Studio Toolkit for Flexibles

Next steps

If you're still using dongle-based software, you can continue using your products as before. However, Esko will no longer be providing support services with dongle related issues.

Therefore, we recommend upgrading to a more recent version of the software which does not use a dongle.

  • If you are a subscriber to an Esko Care Plan which covers your dongle-based product, we would like to remind you that - as part of your Care Plan - you are entitled to a free upgrade license (additional fees for on-site or remote help during the upgrade to upgrade may apply). Please contact Esko Support to plan your upgrade.
  • If you don’t have an Esko Care Plan today, please contact your regional sales representative for more details.
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Esko all software products using FlexNet or HASP dongles

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