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ArtiosCAD is frozen when the auto recovery appears. It freezes no matter which option you choose.


The backup file created is causing the ArtiosCAD to freeze. What needs to be done is, delete the temporary file associated with it.

The temporary file will either be located on the Windows user's account temporary directory (typically it will be located in C:\Users\[windows login name]\AppData\Local\Temp) or in whichever you manually set up the local temporary directory is set in the ArtiosCAD Defaults.

The file you want to delete is called BCK00001.AAS (or will have multiple ones depending on how many files were opened during the crash since the file name numerically goes up).  After deleting it, ArtiosCAD will open up without the auto recovery popping up.

If you don't know what local temporary directory is set to you can find this out by doing the following.

  1. Open up ArtiosCAD (it will freeze due to the auto recovery but just leave it).
  2. Open up a second instance of ArtiosCAD. It will let you navigate your options.
  3. Go to Options > Defaults > Start up defaults > Local Temp Directory. This will show you where it's set to.
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ArtiosCAD 14.1.1 and newer

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