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After upgrading Plato to version 14.1.1, problem occurs when importing MFG files in Create a new CAD based layout.


After upgrading to Plato 14.1.1, there is a problem in the Create CAD based layout when loading MFG files. The following error appears in the message window:

Style workspace not set or design disk file not opened
Creating bleed mask

Popup window shows the message: "The die shape has changed, do you want to update the bleed mask?".


Problem is because Plato tries to map the ArtiosCAD lines and at the same time try to set the default bleed as defined in the Preferences.

Install Hotfix 1407037 to solve the issue.


Removing the default bleed in Plato Preferences, would also help to solve the issue.

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Plato 14.1.1

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