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Can I add an output of type Bill of materials to a customized toolbar and use it with a canvas? 


Unfortunately, not at this time.

If an output of type Bill of Materials is created, it can be presented to the user in realistically three different places as shown above.

  1. Output
    • Such an output could be displayed in the File > Outputs menu. However, it would only function if an ArtiosCAD project is open.  
    • So in the case above, even though a canvas or another document excluded from any project is opened and active, a Bill of Material output will only function with the currently open project, in this case, gsy which has one design. Otherwise the user will see the following message: 
  2. Project- Bill of Materials
    1. This is where outputs of type Bill of Material are intended to be displayed. If there is no open project, the list is disabled.  
  3. Parts Outputs
    1. This location of outputs is used with a canvas. It can leverage a BOM output and iterate through a canvas creating a BOM-like report utilizing the underlying report associated with the BOM output. But note that if the same BOM output is also shown in File > Outputs, and invoked from there, it acts on the open project. This is true if the BOM output is invoked from a customized toolbar... it will act on any open project, not the canvas.
    2. Esko R&D will consider allowing BOM outputs to act as Part Output from within the customized toolbar when a canvas is the active document.
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