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DISCLAIMER: Information and opinions found on these pages are the result of interactions between customers and do not necessarily reflect accurate technical information. As such, the information provided through these pages is made available on a voluntary, AS IS basis, without any warranty of any kind, and with Esko disclaiming any liability associated.

Any information that is disclosed on this Esko Ideas platform becomes public information visible to all Esko customers and third parties having access to this platform. By using this Esko Ideas platform, you acknowledge having read the above, and you agree to the same. For further information, please consult

What is Esko Ideas? 

Esko Ideas is the place to submit your product wishes to Esko. 

If you have a suggestion or if you would like to see something new in our software, machines, or services, please post your idea on Esko Ideas.

Once posted, other customers and Esko employees can see your idea and help you get this idea on the product road map.


What can you do on the Esko Ideas Platform?

  • Create new ideas
  • Browse all ideas
  • Back ideas from other customers by voting on them
  • Comment on and discuss ideas in our community


What can you expect from Esko Ideas?

Esko Ideas collects all new ideas that customers provide to Esko for our many different products. All incoming ideas are checked and monitored, but in order to be considered by our product managers, they need to reach a certain voting or point threshold (or at the very least, interest from multiple customers).

Ideas that reach a certain number of votes will automatically change status to "Under Consideration" and at that point, the responsible Product Manager will decide if the idea will be placed on the road map or not.

The minimum point threshold is to help us manage communication expectations only and does not factor in how we prioritize our road map. 
Product Managers can and do deliver Ideas of all point values big and small - but we can only guarantee status updates on Ideas that have the most community backing.


What do the different statuses mean?

The different statuses on Esko Ideas represent the life cycle of an idea in our development process, from first communication to Esko via Esko Ideas to being released in a new version of our products.


The different statuses are: 



Under Vote Threshold

When an idea is Under Vote Threshold, it is awaiting enough votes from other customers to reach a certain threshold.
Once an idea has the required amount of votes/points it will automatically be put “Under Consideration”.

Under Consideration

When an idea has received the required number of points, the idea will be placed on the Product Manager’s list of ideas to consider.
If the Product Manager agrees, the idea will be placed on our product roadmap. If our product management team decides not to implement the idea, the idea will receive a “Will Not Be Implemented” status, with a comment explaining why we will not be adding the feature to our product.

On Product Roadmap

Once our product management has decided that the idea is valuable enough to be implemented, it is placed on our product roadmap. The roadmap collects all new features for all future releases. For every release, we implement the top items on the product roadmap - this will include ideas that come from Esko Ideas, but also ideas that were conceived by our internal development teams.

Planned for Next Release

The idea is on the list of features that will be included in the next product release.


The idea is available in a released product version.

Will Not Be Implemented

An idea that has the status “Will Not Be Implemented” has been reviewed by the product management team, it has not made it to our product roadmap. A comment on the idea will explain why the idea cannot be implemented at this time.


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