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When all other options to cut a design perfectly fail, the last resort is to manually sequence the job.

Sequencing should not be done directly in a design, mainly because it will be re-sequenced by the output.

Do the output to a workspace layer and sequence that output.


This is the job we want to cut, and we want to cut all the inner bolt holes first followed by the outer bolt holes, and finally the larger diameters in the order of inner to outer.


  1. Go to File > Output and select the output you normally use (i.e. Your Kongsberg XL44 Corrugated sample cutting).
  2. In the Output dialog, click Properties… and select the Output Device Workspace Layer.
  3. Give the Layer a proper name (e.g. Out - just because it's easy to spell and remember).

    The output will now be done to the Layer you specified, and the line type(s) in that layer will be sample line types (i.e. Sample Knife, Sample Crease, Sample Partial Cut etc. and not ordinary Cut, Crease and Partial Cut lines).
  4. Make sure that the 'Out' layer is the only active layer.
  5. To view and change the cutting sequences and cutting directions, use the Sequence tool from the Adjust Outline toolbar.
  6. As all lines in our example are (sample) cut lines, they are grouped. To manipulate the individual lines, we have to ungroup them. Select the lines, and ungroup them with the tool at the bottom.

  7. The Options button will give you the possibility to see the moves the plotter will make.
  8. Change the cutting sequence and direction by using the sequence tools at the bottom, until you are satisfied with the result:
  9. The result will look like this:
  10. After you have sequenced it to your own preferences, use your standard output to generate the output of the sample file.

    Make sure that the 'Out' layer is the only visible layer!

    Kongsberg front end X-Guide: It’s important that Sequencing and Optimizing is turned off in X-Guide!
    The sample should be cut as you sequenced it.

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