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In the Imaging Engine ticket Image to screened separation, in case you want to define public parameters for File Type (TIFF, PDF, LEN) and Compression. But when submitting the workflow, the link of the File Type and its compression are lost (e.g.: when you choose LEN output, you see the compression method for the TIFF and not for LEN). If you choose a wrong combination, the task will give errors.

The easy solution is, when you define the public parameters you can also define its value (via right click Modify Public Parameters...). This way you will be able to see all compression methods. But the disadvantage is that you can still choose a wrong compression.

The second method involves more complicated setup, but you can avoid choosing a wrong compression method.

  1. Define a small workflow, see below example, and make a workflow parameter for File Type, Router based on the wfp file type.
  2. Manage the public parameters:
  3. Save the ticket as public ticket.
  4. Launch this workflow with shuttle, this is what you will see:

    So for each output file type, you can only choose the compression method for that specific file type.
  5. You can download this ticket for trying:
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Automation Engine 16.x

Imaging Engine 16.x

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