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While executing an Asset Browser type Search, changing the selection may reset other criteria. This issue occurs when the same Attribute is used both as a criterion and in the Asset Browser.


One or more of following symptoms may occur:

  • When selecting a new item in the Asset Browser, you get more results than before while you should get less. Some Search criteria get lost.
  • The Attributes which are set by the Asset Browser are already configured with a value in the Search Setup page. This "default" value is however not visible in the Asset Browser on the Search Results. There is no value selected in the Asset Browser while the Search does actually filter on it. When changing one of the criteria, the "default" value which was not visible is lost.


The combination of setting a value and using the same Attribute in the Asset Browser is not supported.

To resolve the issue, either remove the values in the Search Setup page for Attributes that are in the Asset Browser or remove those Attributes from the Asset Browser by not specifying this particular List.

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