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How does double knife removal in ArtiosCAD manufacturing work?


Using special rule

Assume this design:

The top edge is a fine wave rule which would be used for a softer edge to reduce paper cuts on one's hands.

Further assume that this design is nested as such:

The edge of the bottom flap, which is a cut line will overlap the wave rule.  

Double knife removal

When double knife removal is run in MFG, nothing will happen.


ArtiosCAD can only remove double lines of the common knife when the lines are cut lines.


As of 16.1.1, by addressing ACAD-3730, the wave and cut common knife can be resolved.

But this is a difficult situation to address:

  • In general, the longer of the two rule will be accepted. It is difficult for ArtiosCAD to know the intention of the user.
  • If the special rule has nicks, it will not be removed.
  • Undo of double knife removal may not restore the special rule if it was the one selected for removal.


Use gutters

The risk of double routing or burning the slot where the cut and wave rule overlap still exists. Designer's fix-it should be able to find the overlaps:


But it will not be able to adjust the double lines as they are not both cut lines. Since the common knife is shared by two different rule types, use gutters to add spacing between the oneups.


Common knife moved to mfg level

When cut lines do overlap and double knife removal is run, the common knife is moved to the manufacturing level:


All the knives exist in the layout, but knives from the oneup are removed from the design and added to manufacturing level.

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