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As a Designer, I want to open a project or a design from ArtiosCAD Enterprise Browser in WebCenter:


The project opens in WebCenter, but the action list and Project menu bar will not appear (correctly).

Even if you click the My Work button in WebCenter, you will receive an error message:

Error raised while performing InitializeSingleSection function for MW
Section (ID: 00002_0000000004). Error details: ReferenceError: "$" is 


If you check the address of WebCenter project when the problem appears, you will see two slashes instead of one:


Check the login address of ArtiosCAD Enterprise:

There must not be a final slash “/” at the end of the WebCenter address.

Please delete the final slash at the end and you can open projects/documents out of the ArtiosCAD browser without any problems..

Previous Versions:

ArtiosCAD 12.x/14.x/WebCenter 12.x/14.x: WebCenter opens, but didn’t show the project/document.

The previous solution prevents this behavior on previous versions also.

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ArtiosCAD Enterprise 16.0

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