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When performing a fresh installation of WebCenter 16 (and newer) or an upgrade to WebCenter 16, when running the installer the following message might pop up that a system reboot is required:

"Required system reboot is pending. Restart your computer before reinstalling WebCenter."

Even after rebooting the system and re-initiating the installer, the message persists.


When you are trying to install the Application Server or Web Server component of WebCenter, the message below appears. This message does not cease to pop up, even after repeatedly rebooting the server and restarting the installation.

This message is only triggered by the software because a registry key is changed on Windows level, blocking the software to install.


If you are uncertain on performing the following actions, please contact your local Esko Support Department.


Open the Windows Registry, by looking for the application regedit.


In the registry, navigate to:


Back up the registry key.

Removing the blocking registry key is at your own risk. Esko cannot be held responsible for changes on a system-level registry area.


Delete the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value.

Double click the entry and remove the entry or entries, in the Values entry field.

5Close the Windows Registry.

Run the WebCenter Installation again, without restarting the server first.

Restarting the server may result in the registry key being placed back in the registry before installation.

7Restore the registry key from the backup created in step 3.

If you do not find the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value in the above location, this error message can be generated if the PendingFileRenameOperations registry value exists in the following location(s):


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