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How to configure a database connection from external database to Filemaker Pro with JDBC?


Follow the steps given below to configure the connection:

  1. Download the Filemaker Pro JDBC driver and documentation for your version using the following link:

  2. Copy the jar file to bg_data_custom_v010:[dat.dbase].

  3. Open Automation Engine Pilot and go to Tools > Configure.

  4. Select External Databases and go to File > New.

  5. Select Other in DBMS Type.

  6. Enter com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver in Driver.

  7. In Driver File, select the path where jar file is copied, it must be in a container! If there are spaces in the filename, represent them with %20


  8. Enter jdbc:filemaker:// in Database URL, including the file extension

  9. you can specify a username and a password if needed.

    URL: jdbc:filemaker://

  10. Click Test Connection to see if connection is successful.

    1. Port 2399 must be in the firewall exception list on the Filemaker Server or you may receive an error "Failed to connect to listener".
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Automation Engine 14.1 and newer



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