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Should I use the web browser (Safari) or the dedicated WebCenter app to access WebCenter 16 from iOS?

Can I use the web browser on my iPhone / iPad to login to WebCenter? What functionality does the WebCenter app provide?


Please review the following table to check which features are available:

Feature / BenefitMobile Web BrowseriPad appiPhone app
No need to install additional software(tick)(error)(error)
Full functionality, optimal speed(tick)(error)(error)
Support for languages other than English(tick)(error)(error)
HTML5 Viewer in full-screen mode(error)(tick)(tick)
Native iOS Collada Viewer (improved quality and speed)(error)(tick)(tick)
View and Approve for 'non-viewable' files (Office, text, etc.)(error)(tick)(tick)
Simplified (but limited) interface(error)(error)(tick)
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WebCenter 16

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