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In Server Admin of Automation Engine Assistant, it is not possible to change the backup path!, the default is \esko\AEbackup.


Follow the steps given below to change the backup  drive path for the Automation Engine Assistant:

  1. Make a backup of the configuration.

  2. Login on the assistant with administrative privileges.

  3. Go to the folder:


  4. Type:

    configtool mkbranch Servers/BackupServer/Properties/br.basefolder

  5. Type:

    configtool set Servers/BackupServer/Properties/br.basefolder """f:\\backup"""

    """ -> are three double quotes
    f:\backup is the folder where the backup will be stored.

  6. Restart BGMD or kill the BackupServer on the Automation Engine Assistant.
  7. Make a new backup on the Master Automation Engine Server, backup should be stored in new place.
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Automation Engine 14 and newer

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