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Do Esko products support mac OS Sierra?


macOS Sierra (10.12) is the next update of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. It is available since September 20th, 2016. As with previous macOS releases, macOS Sierra will be a free and very easy update.

We are currently finalizing the compatibility testing of our products with macOS Sierra, of course we plan to officially support all our current products on the new operating system as soon as possible. Please consult the table to check when your product will be supported on macOS Sierra.

In a production environment, it is never a good idea to upgrade your Esko workstations to a new operating system automatically. While we do everything we can to ensure compatibility with new operating system releases, you should always check the list of supported products below before you upgrade.

macOS Sierra Support

Use this table to determine if your Esko product is compatible with macOS Sierra:

Sierra support
Supported as of ...      
ArtProYES16.0.1 (January 2017)
ArtPro+ on MacYES16.0.2 (January 2017)
No known issues in 16.0.1 (October 2016)
DeskPack for Adobe® Illustrator®YES16.0.1 (October 2016)
DeskPack for Adobe® Photoshop®      YES16.0.1 (October 2016)
StudioYES16.0 (July 2016)
DotSpyYESV4.5.6 (January 2016)
Automation Engine Mac ClientYES16.0.2 (April 2017)
i-cut Layout Essential and i-cut PreflightYES16.0.0 (January 2017)
Nexus ServerYES 
Nexus ManagerYES 
Local License Manager, Network License ManagerYESNo known issues in 16.0.1 (October 2016)
Esko Proof Client YES16.0.2 (April 2017)
WebCenter Client YESNo known issues in 16.0

If you have any questions, please contact Esko Support:

For more information, please also visit our System Requirements page:

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