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Can I use a Workspace Layer in a sample output for production data?


No. That is not the intent of a Workspace Layer in an output.

Workspace Layer is not intended for production data. It is meant as a means to verify the output and is not a production layer. It is similar to a Doc Plot Layer for a standard/design template used for visual verification.

  1. So, start with this design stepped out in an ARD:
  2. Run a sample output to create the matrix, for e.g:
  3. Change the Properties to output to a Workspace Layer:
  4. Click OK and upon return to this dialog, click Make Counter:
  5. Cancel to end the sample outputs. An output layer called Matrix is created. 

However, it is not real geometry. For e.g, if the user changes from the Outside to the Inside view, the design will mirror but the matrix output does not. It is intended to be the output view as it was created into the layer when the layer was run, which is usually print side up. An output can be anything. ArtiosCAD does not know what type of processing occurred or how to reprocess an output layer.


A workaround would be to move the matrix to a different layer via the Move layer tool.

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