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Set a network CAD-X license in ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 and higher.



CAD-X is a headless, reduced-functionality component and is installed with every seat of ArtiosCAD.  It is instantiated and licensed differently than ArtiosCAD, but is installed and available to every user with an ArtiosCAD installation. 

CAD-X uses the same file server, same licensing setup, same defaults location and same database.


CAD-X is not part of any of the existing ArtiosCAD bundles. It is licensed separately for 3rd-party use with a CAD-X level 2 license. This license can be applied just like any ArtiosCAD perpetual local or network license.

ArtiosCAD 16 and earlier

An ArtiosCAD installation prior to 16.0.1 by default will set the license location to be a local perpetual license, unless the user specifically changes the location to be a network license during the installation.

 The user can change the license location later by using the License Type Configuration tool.

ArtiosCAD 16.0.1

With the introduction of named subscription licensing, some changes were made to support said licensing.  

  1. The installer will not be asked where the license is located. It will assume to be local, i.e., a local perpetual license or a named subscription license.
  2. The installer will not ask the user to activate a local license. The license application will happen when ArtiosCAD first starts.
  3. The License Type Configuration tool will not be installed for 16.0.1, although it remains on the user's machine if an earlier version of ArtiosCAD was installed.
  4. To allow network licenses to be used, run ArtiosCAD 16.0.1.  Navigate to Help > License Location and set the network license location.

CAD-X 16.0.1 network licenses

CAD-X licensing

CAD-X uses the same licensing mechanism as ArtiosCAD.  

  • If the CAD-X 16.0.1 license is a perpetual local, use the Manage Local Licenses to install a CAD-X license. By simply installing ArtiosCAD 16.0.1, the license type will assume to be local.
  • If the CAD-X 16.01 license is a perpetual network license, navigate to ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 Help > License Location and set the network license server.

As of now, CAD-X is not using named subscriptions. The reason for this is due to the embedding of CAD-X into a 3rd-party application. Subscription renewal would be disruptive to the 3rd-party application.

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