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In a Mail Access Point, I want to rename the incoming files to filename containing the SmartName [Access Point E-mail Sender], but this is not applied, the input filename is always kept. 


In the Mail Access Point, in the field "Rename Files to", you specified a name containing the SmartName [Access Point E-mail Sender], but the output file is still the original input file name. The renaming did not happen.


When looking in Automation Engine's BGMD.log (or Diagnostics), you can read why this happens:

The value of this SmartName has a syntax "Lastname, Firstname" <Firstname.Lastname@domain.extension> 

And because the characters ", < and > are not supported in (Windows) file names, the file cannot be renamed using this value. 

As a solution, you can extract the actual mail address from the [Access Point E-mail Sender] SmartName in a String Extract SmartName, and use that SmartName in the Mail Access Point. Below screenshots shows how: 

When making the String Extract SmartName, make sure to select 'Scope = Access Points'. This is needed to make those SmartNames become available in Access Points!

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