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Why doesn't the merge queue start merging while the queue has been released?


To create merged plates, you can work in an automatic way, where Automation Engine is creating the merged plate fully automatically. Or you can work via a semi-automatic way, where the len files got sent to a merge queue and which get placed manually via the DFS Merger connected to Automation Engine.

To be able to work in the semi-automatic way, the plate merge queues have to be put on hold so the automatic merger doesn't start creating a merged plate.

But if the merge queue has been released, it could happen that the automatic merger doesn't start merging. Typically, you will see the icon of the merge queue in the Automation Engine Pilot spinning, but nothing will happen. The cause of the problem is the manual merger which is still locking the queue. So, closing the DFS Merger software will unlock the queue and the automatic merger will start merging.

On the other hand, when the merge queue is on automatic and the automatic merger is already merging and you connect the manual merger with Automation Engine, you will not be able to connect to this queue to do manual merging as long as the automatic merger is busy.

Conclusion: Automatic merging and semi-automatic merging cannot be done at the same time. To avoid manual merger locking a queue while doing auto merging, the manual DFS merger has to be closed.

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Automation Engine 16.0.1

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