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  • KB183803061: PackEdge - Application hangs when trying to connect to the Automation Engine Server
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PackEdge might hang during startup when you configured a connection to the Automation Engine Server in the Preferences.


  1. PackEdge/Plato hangs after splash screen disappears.
  2. In the top menu bar, only the File menu is available.
  3. The VDTL shell gives info about the tmclientbltin.dll not being loaded.


The problem comes from the antivirus removing a DLL file ICUUC.dll that is used by PackEdge and Plato. This file resides in the bg_prog_packedge_v1xx folder and is recognized as a virus threat by some virus scanners.

The solution is to set a rule in the virus scanner to ignore either everything in the Esko folder (most effective) or just this particular DLL.


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PackEdge all versions

Plato all versions

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