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Step and Repeat CAD  based or Create CAD Sheet task gives errors as shown below:

ERROR: CAD mismatch
ERROR:       Template: E:\Esko\bg_data_deskpackcontainer_v010\DeskPackContainer\test\3x4.MFG - Design: 3x4_Station
ERROR:       Substitute: \\file_server\Share\01 ARD Library\3x4_Station.ard - Design:  
INFO: Printitem 3x4_Station replaced by E:\Esko\bg_data_deskpackcontainer_v010\DeskPackContainer\test\3x4_Station.pdf
INFO: Processing Page 1 ...
Progress: 40%
ERROR: Error loading template E:\Esko\bg_data_deskpackcontainer_v010\DeskPackContainer\test\3x4.MFG


Task gives errors but generates a stepped file. The stepped file does not have correct graphics. It shows the template with placeholder.


The above error occurred because the graphics file had an ARD file that was not named the same as the ARD file that was used in the MFG file.

  1. Check the MFG file and note the ARD file that was used.

  2. Check the graphic file. Make sure that the correct ARD is being used in the file.

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