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Unable to Rip the newly uploaded files but the previously uploaded files can be ripped with no issues, even the newly restored archives can't be ripped.


When a new Print job is Ripped in DFE, it fails to Rip. The log file shows only the following message: "Ripping print job '(file name)' failed" and no further details are present in the log file.

But Ripping the existing print job will not have any issue.


This happens if the route folder of the D or C drive or the DFE_Data folder is shared.

Unshare the above mentioned shared folders and run the bat file named "post_install_eskosrv.bat". This .bat file is located in the DFE server under "C:\Esko\bg_prog_dfeserveroem_v013\com_win".

Technical background

This is because the DFE uses UNC (Uniform Naming Conversion) to locate the Print jobs, sharing the folders will interrupt the connection via UNC and the newly uploaded Print jobs will fail.

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