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With certain view angles and a specific option, outputting an ArtiosCAD 3D to a bitmap format like JPEG or PNG can produce a cropped image.


Assume a design, with dimensions as such and a view angle such that the dimension extension for the depth (1512) appears to be floating above the carton. It actually isn't, but the positioning of the camera makes it appear so. But the extension would be in the white space area of the resulting 2D.

Further assume a 3D output to a bitmap format such as JPEG.

If the Shrink size to remove white space option is checked, the resulting 2D output may appears as follows (the dimension extension and top corner of the carton are cropped):

This happens because positioning of the carton will result in a 2D bitmap by which the dimension extension is sitting in white space. ArtiosCAD is unable to differentiate the extension from the white space and produces the above image.


Change the elevation using the View tool such that the dimension extension does not appear to be in the resulting 2D's white space.

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