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FAQ - Do you need an overview of all the components in an ArtiosCAD installations?

Are you an ArtiosCAD newbie and need to install ArtiosCAD? Want to get a sense of its flexibility?

The deployment is as flexible as you would like it to be. Here are some concepts you should know before installing.

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FAQ - Deploying ArtiosCAD Servers

How can I configure ArtiosCAD Servers and what are they used for?

This article will answer following questions:
"What are the different types of ArtiosCAD Servers?"; "What is a defaults server or a database server?"; "On a new installation, how can I deploy and configure these servers?"

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I want to use an already existing database engine as an ArtiosCAD Database Server. What should I do?

Although ArtiosCAD is bundled with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express, there may be reasons that a customer would want to use an existing database engine. Here are the steps.

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How to upgrade an ArtiosCAD client workstation when the ArtiosCAD Server name changes?

Sometimes a server machine is upgraded and the name changes. The clients need to know what the name of that machine is but, the upgrade wizard will carry over the original server name during a normal upgrade.
Then the client can't find the server. Please click the link for more information.

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How to move ArtiosCAD Server from a functional working system to new hardware? (Migrate Server)

If you need an overview of what exists and how to move it from a functional working system to new hardware. This article will help you.

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FAQ - Installation

Which Setup Type should I choose when installing Standard ArtiosCAD?

There are three installation type choices: Typical Installation, Client Installation and Server/Custom Installation. Which should I pick? Here is the answer.

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What is the difference between Modify and Repair in the ArtiosCAD Installer?

This article will answer the question, "When do I use Modify and when would I user Repair?".

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I need to install Standard Edition with Database on Windows 10.

If a new database server must be installed on Windows 10 for a single user or small workgroup, there are some workarounds. Please click link for furthermore information.

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An ArtiosCAD client needs an ODBC configuration in order to communicate with the database.

Without it, ArtiosCAD can run slowly or return errors that some objects are missing. What is it and how do I configure it?

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After an installation or upgrade, ArtiosCAD starts up extremely slowly. What is happening?

Since ArtiosCAD 12.1, the default database that comes with the installation media is Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express 2012 64-bit instead of Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express 2005. Is the client configured properly to communicate with the database server?
Click the link for more information.

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The ODBC looks ok, but I still can't communicate. Should I look at the database server itself?

Indeed the database server itself may not be setup to receive connections. Click the link to find out what areas may need to be investigated on the database server.

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FAQ - Database (MS SQL)

I want to move an MSSQL Database.

This is a "How To" for users administering an ArtiosCAD MSSQL database who wish to move it to new hardware.

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I tried to install a non-English version of ArtiosCAD Standard Edition with a standalone database.

However, since the database is not the English version, a language-specific one is downloaded at the start of the installation process.

This process is continually failing. What should I do?

You can manually download these executable installers on a different machine and then move them manually to your workstation.
To get the download links which are queried for the alternative language versions of MSSQL 2012, please click the link.

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During the upgrade of ArtiosCAD, the upgrade fails with the message: "Invalid object name 'iq_defaults'".

The problem is because the user "programmer" is part of the "sysadmin" group in SQL. In such circumstances, the batch file cannot proceed.
 This article will show you solution to help avoid the problem.

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When trying to add an ODBC entry or test the ODBC Connection, you receive the following error message: "

Error Code 4: Provider cannot be found".

Download the Microsoft Data Access Components pack from the below link:  Installing this pack solves the error.

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When saving files in ArtiosCAD, some of them return with the error: "The conversion of a char data type to a

datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value".

There could be two cases of this:
      • all your clients report an error.
      • several clients point to the same database server but not all clients have the above mentioned error.
Click view more for furthermore information.

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FAQ - Recover

ArtiosCAD does not work properly after system crashes.

When one/ many of an ArtiosCAD Standard Edition systems crash, causing data loss of single/ multiple components, which ArtiosCAD needs in order to function properly,
how should you assess the situation and attempt to recover as much data as possible in order to restore your workstations/ servers as quickly as possible?

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