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How do I create an MFG from a single ARD with multiple parts?


Assume a single ARD with multiple parts similar to the design shown below:

The user may want to convert this to an MFG file.

Convert to Canvas

  1. Convert the ARD to a canvas. This means the closed contours will be recognized as parts.
  2. In the Parts list, set the active node to the canvas level.
  3. Convert to Manufacturing.
  4. The result will be a manufacturing file with parts converted to one-ups.

Avoid MFG Move to Layer

There is a possibility to convert the ARD to MFG. This will result in a single, large embedded one-up.

The user could use the Select tool from the Edit toolbar under the Designer toolbars and create an embedded one-up.

Please avoid using this tool, particularly if the intended one-ups have special rule types. This operation was meant for importing common format files like CFF2 and DXF with layouts and to clean up the data. These formats have simple types and are not special rule aware. Wrong special rule types can be created if an intended one-up is designed with a special rule.

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ArtiosCAD 14.1.1 and newer

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