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What is the RIP and Print Resolution when proofing a job with Pack Proof? Is there a relation between the RIP and Print Resolution?


Different intermediate files are created with different resolutions dependent on a couple of settings. Depending on the proofing solution (FlexProofE or Pack Proof) you'll also get different file types as well. FlexProofE writes a composite TIFF file while Pack Proof writes a composite PDF file (in the ProofFolder share).

The resolution of the TIFF/ PDF is retrieved from the EPL active in the output device connected with the workflow which is selected in the Proof ticket.

When an asymmetric resolution is defined in the EPL, then the lowest resolution will be used for both directions.


  • Driver: Epson Stylus Pro 4900 HT
  • EPL Name: v16-1_x900_720x1440_Normal-TAC
  • Resolution: 720 x 1440
  • Print mode: Super

Resolution of the TIFF / PDF: 720 x 720


The Send to proof server task will submit the TIFF/ PDF file to the Proof Server which will RIP the file again. The output is a BCO file in the \\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\Output folder. The resolution of this BCO depends on the RIP resolution setting in the workflow. There are three different RIP resolution options:

  • High quality: creates a BCO with the same resolution as defined in the EPL.
    • e.g.: EPL resolution = 720 x 1440 > 720 x 720 TIFF / PDF > 720 x 1440 BCO
  • Standard: creates a BCO with half of the highest one for asymmetric resolutions, otherwise half of both.
    • e.g.: EPL resolution = 720 x 1440 > 720 x 720 TIFF / PDF > 720 x 720 BCO
    • e.g.: EPL resolution = 1440 x 1440 > 1440 x 1440 TIFF / PDF > 1440 x 1440 BCO
  • Fast: creates a BCO with half of the standard resolution
    • e.g.: EPL resolution = 720 x 1440 > 720 x 720 TIFF / PDF > 360 x 360 BCO

Besides the EPL and RIP resolution you also have a print resolution (can be defined in the LINtool and saved in the EPL).

The print resolution (Print mode) doesn't change the resolution of the BCO when an HT driver is used.

A HT driver has Print mode choices which refer to the amount of passes!

When using a CT driver you have for the Print mode, the choice to select a resolution. This is the printing resolution and can be higher than the EPL Resolution.

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