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This KB article describes how one can load and use an Esko ink book on an X-rite eXact device.


How to import an Esko ink book on the X-rite eXact?

  1. Open Color Engine Pilot (14.1.x required).
  2. Open the ink book you want to make available on the eXact.
  3. go to File > Export....
  4. Select CxF3 format (*.cxf) in the Save as type drop-down list.
    1. Note that tints are not exported!
  5. Click the Export button.
  6. Open the eXact Manager (can be downloaded here:
  7. Click the Color Libraries button below the computer name.
  8. Navigate to File > Import Color Library.
  9. Browse to the saved cxf file and click the Open button.
    1. A Calibration Standard window might pop-up. Select XRGA as standard when the inks are measured in with an i1Pro 2!
  10. Select the imported color library.
    1. Double click the ink(s) to set the tolerances.

  11. Click the Color Libraries button below the eXact name.
  12. Drag and drop the imported color library to the color libraries list of the eXact.

How to use an Esko ink book as a reference?

  1. Click the Basic Compare tool.
  2. Click the reference symbol (the icon at the top right (the single circle)).
  3. Click the ink book button (next to the No Standard button).
  4. Select the imported Esko ink book.
  5. Return to the home of the Basic Compare tool.
  6. Measure the paper (click the second icon from the top > document symbol).
  7. Click again on the reference symbol.
  8. Click the button next to the ink book button, to select the ink you want to use as a reference.
  9. Click the Return button and measure the press sample.
  10. Evaluate the results.
  11. The measurement results are presented in a Current and BestMatch view.
    1. The Current view shows the dE* value between the measured sample and the reference (5.61) and the measured density value for cyan (1.21). 
    2. BestMatch calculates the closest possible match without the need to reformulate the ink.
    3. In the above example, a BestMatch of dE* 4.31 is possible when adjusting either the density (-0.19) when working in offset or adjusting the ink concentration by -16% when working in Gravure or Flexo.

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Color Engine Pilot 14.1.x

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