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  • KB186684075: Curve Pilot - Error: The application cannot connect to the BG_CMS data
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When trying to open the Curve Pilot, you get the following error message:

The application cannot connect to the BG_CMS data.
If this PC is client of a server, please check if the BG_CMS data
directory is shared
On the server and/or if the user of this client PC has access to the
If this PC is not a client, check if the BG_CMS system variable is set.


Check the mounted shares on your computer. You will find a mounted share here to your CMS here.

You can see an example here:

Right click on this mounted share to open its contextual menu and click Disconnect.

You can now open the Curve Pilot without any issues.

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Applies to

Curve Pilot 16.0.0 and newer

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Case Number00860810