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Does ArtiosCAD support U3D (3D PDF)  and VRML files with curved crease or mated parts animations?



Unfortunately, as of this writing, ArtiosCAD cannot generate U3D or VRML files with curved crease. These 3D formats do not natively support the transformations needed to represent the transitions within the animation.

Animations can usually support mates but not making and disconnecting of mates. ArtiosCAD definitely does not support animations where a design starts out un-mated, and ends up mated within the animation. Animations can at best start from the mated points, however, this is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time.  It is suggested that the mate is undone or disconnected before the animation is made to get the closest approximation.

AVI movies are supported for animations with curved creases and mates.

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ArtiosCAD 7.4 and newer

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