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When creating a HDX (Violet) Proofing profile, the inks are CMYK-RGB instead of CMYK-OGV.

You first have to add an output profile in the Esko Proof Client for a SureColor where you have chosen the option from below.

Ink Type: EPSON UltraChrome HDX (Violet).

If you now create a new Proofer profile for that output device in the Color Engine Pilot, you will see the wrong CMYK - RGB colors in the Inks tab. 


  1. Upgrade your Color Engine Pilot to the latest version, 14.1.3. You can find this on the Imagine Engine 16.0.2 DVD from April.
  2. You can get the Color Engine Pilot installed by choosing the setup.exe from the E:\Packages\kaleidoscope_v141 folder.
  3. The result will now be correct, similar to what you see here, you will now see CMYK-OGV.

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Color Engine Pilot 14.1.2 and older

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