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In some cases, other software might be running on the server where WebCenter is installed and conflict with ports required by WebCenter.

e.g.: McAfee Anti-Virus running on the WebCenter WebServer, uses port 8081 required by WebCenter's Tomcat Service.

You can change the ports used by WebCenter, if the conflicting application is not able to change the port used.

This article focuses on one particular case, but the same principle applies for other ports which might be configurable via WebCenter configuration files.


Example: McAfee taking up port 8081 on the WebCenter WebServer.

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1. Confirm that the port required is in use

Start the currports application, located on the WebCenter DVD, in the Extra folder.


2. Confirm the necessary port, in use by the other application
3. Confirm with IT

Verify with your IT department if the port can be changed to a different one to free up the port for WebCenter.

If they are or the application is unable to change ports, request a port number which is not blocked by the firewall or is used by any other application in listening mode.

4. Confirm a free port on the server

  1. Open the Command Prompt.
  2. Type netstat -na | find "your port number"

    The quotes are necessary.

  3. The result should be nothing, no message whatsoever. e.g.: port 8082

5. Change the port in the WebServer's Configuration File
  1. On the WebServer, go to ...\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\conf and open the server.xml
  2. Scroll down to the port that requires a change.

    It's not a bad idea to leave a comment, marking the change with your name and time stamp. Just for future reference.

  3. Change all occurrences and save the configuration file.
6. Reboot the WebServer

You can either:

a. Reboot the entire machine.

b. Open the Services (services.msc) and restart the WebCenter Tomcat Web Server Service

7. Verify the change

You can either:

a. Open up currports again and verify that the process wcr_tomcat_srv.exe is running under your new port


b. Open a Web Browser and go to the address http://localhost:yournewport

The result should be the familiar Tomcat start page.

8. Enjoy Happiness!Log back into WebCenter.

For WebCenter 12.1-14.1.1, an additional change needs to be made.

  1. On the WebServer, go to ...\Artios\WebCenter\WebServer\tomcat\webapps\[Instance] and open the DownloadViewerThumbnail.jsp
  2. Search for the old port and change it to the new port.
  3. After saving the file, do a hard refresh of your browser.

Annotations should now be loaded.

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