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Solves eight diverse problems related to Report file(s), Production Cut files, Selection tool and errors like "System error 5" etc. Refer Symptoms given below for complete description.


  1. Report file(s) won't be generated if there are plus symbols (+) in the name of the graphic files.
  2. Production Cut files will sometimes use a dollar symbol ($) instead of an underscore in the "_CUT" suffix.
  3. After using the Place Mark Tool, the regular Selection tool won't respond normally any longer.
  4. A change was applied to the code to always add the '_CUT’ suffix to the Cut files.
  5. The recto/verso (or other) symbol is only appearing in the first page of the PDF report.
  6. System Error 5” crash when creating a new layout under certain circumstances.
  7. System Error 5” crash when exporting production files under certain circumstances.
  8. System Error 201” crash when creating a new layout under certain circumstances.

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to:

Article information
Applies to

i-cut Layout 16.0

Last revised 
Author FBR
Case NumberCS00844032, CS00839553

What is a Hotfix?

A Hotfix is a software package that you can install on an existing installation of our software. Each hotfix contains fixes for one or more known issues in our released software.

Because there is always a small chance for a hotfix to cause new issues, you should only install Recommended Hotfixes, unless otherwise instructed by your Esko Software Support team.