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The Inspection tasks, based on Global Vision technology, allow creating reports. You can customize the headers of these PDF files.
Just replace the default image by a custom one. An example:


  1. The image format must be PNG. The image size 2550 x 275 pixels.

  2. On the Automation Engine server (for example v16), navigate to  Esko\bg_prog_fastserver_v160\bin_gv\Resource\

  3. In there, create a folder named "ReportHeaders"

  4. Place your custom images inside this folder. The file names must be these:

    · BarcodeHeader.png
    · BrailleHeader.png
    · ReportHeader.png  (for Graphic report headers)
    · SpellHeader.png
    · TextHeader.png

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Automation Engine 16 and newer



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