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What 3D scanners does Esko recommend?


We have limited experience with 3D scanners. We only have some experience with affordable (low-end) 3D scanner hardware for e.g.

While such setup can be made to work, our experience is that the physical input needs to be prepared for good results (e.g. spray painting glass/transparent bottles to be scanned in a specific color) and the resulting 3D models often require clean-up (so-called mesh-simplification) in specialized 3D applications before they work well in Studio products.

One important prerequisite for the 3D scanner models to work in Studio applications like Toolkit, is that they will need to be able to output to either DAE (Collada), OBJ (Wavefront),  3DS (3D Studio), DXF (AutoCAD), BLEND (Blender), FBX (Filmbox), OFF (OFF), STL (STL) file formats. In all other cases you will also need to find software to be able to convert different file formats to the before-mentioned file formats.

There are high-end "3D Photostations" as well (e.g. from the company CRUSE, but those typically cost a fortune and it is probably much cheaper to order all required shapes via our custom 3D shape modelling service.


  • Simple answer: There is no ‘best’ 3D scanner, it all tightly links to what you want and need, small or large, detailed or not, textured or not etc.
  • It’s always best to check 3D scanner specs with the vendor.  
  • A 3D scanned model would most likely also still need tweaking in 3D apps before it’s ready, but you can get a basic starting mesh more easily. So you can compare this to an image scanned with a flat bed scanner, that would also require some touch-ups after scanning.
  • It's always better to order/buy a 3D model from Esko or third party stores, this will give by far the best results.
  • If the scanned model is to be used in Store Visualizer, then the customer would benefit from custom Collada files (via the 3D services team or third party stores) as these might look a lot nicer than scanned ones.

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