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Apply ArtPro Action List: The task may fail on purpose (with a request to resave in ArtPro) without really being necessary.


ArtPro files created in version 16.0 with an ArtPro kernel build number lower than 111 may have an issue with the font cache when they are opened again in ArtPro. If not corrected for, this may cause special (non-ASCII) characters of specific (non-standard) fonts to process wrong.

As of ArtPro 16.0 hotfix build 111, such files are no longer created, and when opening such a file, the editor recognizes potential problems and if there are any, guides the operator to correct them.

In Automation Engine 16.0.2, the task "Apply ArtPro Action List" recognizes such ArtPro files as well, but because a manual intervention in an ArtPro editor is needed to correct such files, the task will stop processing with an error message: "ERROR: Font Issues were detected. Please resave the input ArtPro File in ArtPro 16.0 hotfix Build 111 or higher."

Unfortunately, the "Apply ArtPro Action List" task in Automation Engine 16.0.2 may be too strict in its recognition of such files, and it may block files from further processing without it really being necessary.

This hotfix will correct that situation, in combination with a new tool in the ArtPro editor itself that will create some necessary extra configuration data (containing a white-list of fonts, which can only be constructed from within the ArtPro editor on Mac).

The "Apply ArtPro Action List" task will automatically pick up this data, allowing it to improve its behavior.

Note that the extra tool in the ArtPro editor is available as of ArtPro 16.0 build 319.

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Automation Engine 16.0.2

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CS00852563, CS00855776, CS00858163


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