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Windows only

Although your Windows computer can connect to Internet, you may observe that subscriptions are not automatically renewed or are not removed on the local computer when the subscription is cancelled.

We have seen this may be the case when the Windows network icon gives exclamation mark and says "No Internet access".


If the Windows network icon shows exclamation mark and indicates "No Internet access", then the background Subscription Service (both for Esko and Enfocus) will not renew or cancel the subscriptions on the local computer.

On Windows platform, the subscription service uses a Windows library which does not correctly report the network capabilities on the local computer. Example, you may be able to browse on the Internet and you may be able to Sign in to your application, but you still observe that the background service does not automatically renew or update your subscription. This has been fixed in the next version of the application.


This has been fixed in the version 18 of the application.

Work Around

For the existing application, you can provide a workaround: The IT engineer at the customer site must fix the network settings on the Windows computer. At least the warning exclamation mark indicating "No Internet access" must be fixed.

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