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How do I control the bleed outline with coating free areas in ArtiosCAD?


Join tolerance

Use the join tolerance parameter within the bleed tool. The join tolerance controls how the bleed contour is assembled when considering coating free areas.

Selecting the proper region...

The part of the flap area, inside or outside the coating free area also determines how the bleed contour is created.


Here is a design with a varnish region on one of the minor flaps. The bleed tool is run with an external offset of 5mm and an external bleed is created around the design with the said offset.

Further in this example, the top edge of the coating free area is 7mm away from the initial bleed contour.  Further note that the join tolerance is 6mm. 

If the coating free panel is clicked, note that in this case, the distance of the top edge of the coating area is more than the join tolerance and an additional bleed contour is created around the coating free area.

When the join tolerance is increased so that the coating free area top edge is less than the join tolerance, the bleed contour now follows the coating free area using the coating offset specified in the bleed parameters.

If region inside the minor flap but outside the coating free area is clicked, then a bleed that follows internal cuts and creases is created.

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