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On a Mac, it is not possible to change the order of Jobs in a CDI Queue. 


In the Automation Engine Pilot on a Mac, moving around jobs in the CTP queue doesn't seem to move them. You can pick them up, drag them along, but they bounce back to their original position. The same works fine on a Windows client.

Note that they do actually move on the CDI, but only the view is not updated in the Automation Engine Pilot.

When manually refreshing (Apple + R), you do get the updated view.

When you check the bgmd.log, you will see a message similar to the one shown below:

AWT-EventQueue-0 - Problem converting host to ip for CDI1
AWT-EventQueue-0 - CDI1

Technical Explanation

This happens because the Mac cannot resolve the IP address of the Device (used in the CDI update event) to the hostname of a configured Device. The DNS Server in the network should be configured so the Mac can do so (which can be double-checked with Lookup in the Mac's Network Utility). 

Windows clients do not suffer from this (although it is also advised to configure the DNS Server so they can resolve the Device's IP address vs hostname) because Windows OS will send a broadcast on the whole network looking for the IP address in case DNS fails to resolve it, a fall back which Mac OS does not have.  


Fix the DNS problems, and make sure the Mac client can resolve the hostname of the Grapholas PC's.


Manually refresh the view (Apple + R).

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Device Manager for CDI

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