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My Imaging Engine task fails with Imaging.MultipleOutputFilesWithSameName. Why?


The message is clear: Imaging Engine would write multiple output files with the same filename, which it will wisely refuse to do.

Possible causes for this situation: 

  • You did not specify the (short) ink name in your output file name.
  • You use a SmartName that converts the (full) ink name of different inks into the same string (f.i. "Pantone 666 U" and "Pantone 666 C" into "P666") in the output filename.
  • You rip a multipage file, containing the same ink(s) on multiple pages, but did not define the page number in your output filename. FlexRip automatically added the page number to the output file name in case of multipage files, whereas Imaging Engine does not - which is why the page number is added in the default output filename of the Imaging Engine ticket.
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